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Essential Businesses allowed to stay open

Essential Businesses allowed to stay open

At least bike shops/repair shops not included on list.

The following is an indicative list of what are considered essential retail outlets:

retail and wholesale sale of food, beverages and newspapers in non-specialised and specialised stores

retail sale of household consumer products necessary to maintain the safety and sanitation of residences and businesses

pharmacies/chemists and retailers providing pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical or dispensing services


retail sale of selling medical and orthopaedic goods in specialised stores

fuel stations and heating fuel providers
retailers involved in the repair of motor vehicles, motorcycles and bicycle repair and related facilities (for example, tyre sales and repairs)

retail sale of essential items for the health and welfare of animals, including animal feed and medicines, animal food, pet food and animal supplies including bedding

laundries and drycleaners

banks, post offices and credit unions

retail sale of safety supply stores (for example, work clothes, Personal Protective Equipment)

hardware stores, builders’ merchants and stores that provide hardware products necessary for home and business maintenance, sanitation and farm equipment, supplies and tools essential for gardening/farming/agriculture

retail sale of office products and services for individuals working from home and for businesses

retailers providing electrical, IT and phone sales, repair and maintenance services for home

The above outlets must implement the following social distancing measures:

Ensure adequate distancing between customers and retail assistants in line with public health guidelines

Only let people into the store in small groups and ensure spaces are not crowded

Manage queues inside and outside the door

Consider designating certain times of the day to facilitate vulnerable groups

Provide online services where possible and appropriate to minimise footfall

Offer contactless payment where possible

Parents are encouraged to avoid taking children when visiting essential retail outlets.

Source: Essential Businesses allowed to stay open

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R.I.P Tony Rutter

R.I.P Tony Rutter

Sad for Michael…R.I.P

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Feed the front line – Go fund me?

Feed the front line – Go fund me?

What’s this all about? Why are people donating to this?

I am a front line healthcare worker. I don’t need feeding. I have a job/wage….salary isn’t massive for my role, but it;s in line with the average industrial wage.

Why are all these do gooders/celebs getting behind a cause that’s not needed.

I can feed myself & my family. Why not throw your support behind some other cause that’s more needy at this time of crisis?

I have a weekly wage coming in….many thousands will not.

I will probably earn it like I never did before, but that;s life.

Earlier today, €300k was raised…how the hell is this going to be distributed to the 000’s of healthcare staff?

If you want to help the front line staff, then follow the WHO/HSE advise. End of.

There is a lot of shite/back clapping/look at me/ blah blah blah going on that would make you want to puke.

Follow the simple rules….knock it on the head, give the health system a chance to deal with what’s coming. Hopefully we come out the other side not too scarred. :thumbsup2:

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Getting the Fonz's Triumph Running

Getting the Fonz’s Triumph Running

They usually do big American engine rebuilds, but occasionally they have a bike in:

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Zinc and nickel anodes?

Zinc and nickel anodes?

Anywhere in ireland supply zinc and nickel anodes for electroplating? was planning to try it on a few bolts on a project of mine but only see places in the uk selling them

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New TT Documentary

New TT Documentary

for those of us bored off our tits…..

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Social distancing-Motorcycling

Social distancing-Motorcycling

Never saw as many bikes on the road as I did yesterday…great to see but interestingly a lot of the motorcycle journalists such as Simon Hargreaves and Martin Fitz of MCN saying we should not be out and about at all!!


I get the whole cabin fever thing and was out twice myself over the weekend.

what say you??

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Pirelli Anger ST

Pirelli Anger ST

I see Megabikes doing a set for €180.

Are these any good? Anyone running them?

Surely can’t go wrong for price.

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