K1300s vs R1200GS vs ….

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K1300s vs R1200GS vs ….

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K1300s vs R1200GS vs ….

If you had to have just one bike as your tool of choice, to commute (100 kms a day, fast motorways & filtering equal parts) and you want to take the same bike to travel Europe once or twice a year 3-5 days at a time, and you hope to go further away than that (lotto etc… to eventually ride on poorly surfaced roads), what would be your choice?

I am more or less happy with my F800GT for commute and occasional distance work, and it has more than enough power for my abilities to be honest, but I am just itching for an upgrade I suppose. I was reading up on F850GS and it looks great except for the chain (I massively dislike chain maintenance. Shaft or belt is the only choice).

Between K1300S and R1200GS … for those who have tried both, any thoughts?

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