Supercorsa SP in the wet

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Supercorsa SP in the wet

Supercorsa SP in the wet

Lads I’m going over to collect a low mileage 2012 Speed Triple R.

It’s got 4700 miles on it, always stored indoors, off the road for 2 years, and I’m pretty sure it’s on original tyres which at this stage must be passed their shelf life! Pirelli Supercorsa SPs

I’ve never rode a bike with sportier tyres like these in the wet.

I’m planning to get set of Pilot 5’s fitted when I get back… if the weathers s*** on the ride back should I try get em changed over there before the spin?

Or just take it handy til I get back and get em sorted here.

Obviously I’ll use my judgement when I get a look at them in person but just wondering how bad those specific tyres are in the wet as there’s not much of a tread pattern on them.

If it’s dodgy I wanna make sure a local tyre place has suitable tyres in stock.

Cheers :thumbsup2:

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