Armoy Road Races 2017

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Armoy Road Races 2017

Armoy Road Races 2017

Michael Dunlop completed a treble at Armoy Road races on Saturday

After blowing the engine in his super sport 600 race Friday night followed by a deluge of rain , the race was stopped and Derek Mc Gee was deemed the winner.

Saturday was a different story where Dunlop triumphed in the feature superbike Race of Legends after winning Saturday’s Superbike Open race on his Suzuki GSX R and winning the Super sport 600 event.

Michael had over 12 seconds to spare in the Race of Legends with brother William second and Michael Sweeney in third

Derek McGee won the Supertwins race today (Saturday) by a margin of 0.88 seconds from James Cowton with Adam McLean third.

Armoy: Roadside KIA Race of Legends Results:*

1 Michael Dunlop

2 William Dunlop

3 Michael Sweeney

4 Derek McGee

5 James Cowton

6 Joe Thompson

7 Davey Todd

8 Paul Jordan

9 Davy Morgan

10 Mark Goodings

11 Dominic Herbertson

12 Graham Kennedy

13 Brad Vicars

14 Forest Dunn

15 Callum Laidlaw

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